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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our first time clients have similar questions which we’ve addressed the most common ones below.  If you have additional questions, make sure to schedule a call.

The tax prep industry is driven by repetitive, recurring business.   The majority of CPA firms you’ll likely encounter make the bulk of their career on simple & easy to replicate clients bases.  For that reason alone, you’ll find a lack of comprehensive understanding of the more sophisticated business owner and unfortunately the type of planning needed to fully leverage the tax code can most often only be obtainable by working with a ‘big four’ accounting firm which for most small business owners are priced out of reach.

Engagement fees will vary based on the types of strategies and the cost to implement those strategies.  Most of the time the fees only end up at a fraction of the first years tax savings.  In some cases, the fees can approach or surpass the first year savings.  Our screening process is designed to ensure the value proposition is within a reasonable threshold & we wont propose an engagement if we cant guarantee a reasonable return on cost requirements. 

No.  We function as an intake & management office that coordinates new and existing client relationships and serve as the main point of contact for our CPA & tax attorney partners.  This necessary layer of service ensures the right clients are aligned with the right subject matter specialists to accomplish the goals and objectives specific to your unique circumstances and to increase the efficiency of this coordinated effort of planning professionals.

Yes!  You absolutely can.  However for the first year we put your plan in place our CPA’s will file the taxes for that first year to provide defensible support in case of an audit.  If we allow another firm to prep taxes based on our planning there’s no way to completely ensure their compliance work will be done properly.  After that first year, you’ll be able to have your CPA follow the same protocols set in place by our planning.

Times vary based on the types of strategies that will need to be implemented.  At minimum to get through the review process you can expect 2 weeks.  Typically within 2 weeks we’ll know if an engagement proposal is possible at which point you’ll receive an executive summary with the minimum guaranteed savings commitment along with the fees required to execute.  From there depending on the time of year your looking at anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months for implementation which all depends on the scope of work that needs to be performed to obtain the result.