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Estate & Capital Gains

Not often are these two terms mentioned in the same sentence, but many of the same planning techniques leveraged to reduce or eliminate estate taxation are also applied to capital gains on highly appreciated assets.  It’s about getting what you have to who you want it to go to when you want it to go to them under the terms and conditions which you want it to go while eradicating the exposure to divorce, lawsuit and transfer taxes on your wealth FOREVER.

Estate Tax Reduction Planning

Estate planning is more than just wills and trusts.  Robert Green has been assisting families with their estate planning options for 40 years, and through this experience has been a key player in transitioning generational wealth while either reducing or altogether eliminating estate and inheritance taxation. 

Most successful families didn’t accumulate their wealth to have a massive portion of it given up to the government.  Over the years the tax rates have fluctuated with each administration change and we now know for certain we will see another reduction in estate exemptions in 2026 when the Sunset provision takes effect. 

“Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one’s taxes.”

Judge Learned Hand, US Supreme Court Judge

How We help our clients

transition generational wealth & pay less tax

Estate Tax Reduction Planning

Our team provides leadership support for engaging the various planning professionals needed to conduct advanced estate planning and capital gain tax mitigation strategies. 

A large majority of Estate Planning Attorneys are not equipped with the proprietary knowledge we use to help model out the variations of a complex estate structure. 

We work in coordination with the estate and tax attorneys to model out and stress test each variation in order to obtain the best chance at our target result. 

Capital Gains Tax Reduction Planning

Capital gain planning has many similar qualities of an advanced estate plan as there are variations of trust and entity structuring that takes place to either postpone or eliminate large capital gain positions. 

Often times we must coordinate with multiple planning professionals to measure and execute depending on the desired outcome, and our experience in knowing who and when to integrate with to not only achieve the results we’re after but to also ensure it is done in the most time and cost-efficient manner possible. 

As with our philosophy in all our other deliverables, we help you create structures by which you pay as little in tax as legally, morally and ethically possible and keep as much control of your wealth working for you to accomplish the goals and objectives that are unique and important to you and your family.

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