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Income Tax Reduction

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are paying far more income tax than they legally should be and you probably are too.  See how to stop overpaying.

You already know that

You're paying too much tax

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs are almost always paying far more income tax than they legally should be. 

The tax code is structured in favor of the folks who endeavor to take on the risks of being in business and the IRS has over the years allowed favorable ways in which this category of tax payor is able to reduce some of that burden. 

When you’re in business, you keep 100% of your losses but only a fraction of your profits.  The tax code is structured to reward and help increase the amount of your earnings your able to keep. 

How We help our clients

Legally, Morally & Ethically pay less tax

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

We work with one of the best tax strategist teams in the nation to help business owners create legal, moral, and ethical plans by which they are able to keep more of their hard-earned income and reduce audit exposure.  

Some of our best work has been demonstrated within the agriculture and healthcare industries, and contracting industries. 

Is Your CPA Your Weakest Link?

Traditional CPA firms have not been trained to approach clients in a pro-active sense and typically are simply looking to put the right numbers in the right boxes.  This is an important part of the accounting industry but there is a larger and far more important part of a client’s overall tax plan which looks beyond what you did the year before.    

We’ll look to incorporate all facets of your business structure into your tax plan and correlate it with your goals and objectives to ensure your dollars are coming to you in the most effective and tax efficient way possible.

“Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one’s taxes.”

Judge Learned Hand, US Supreme Court Judge

It's not your cpa's fault

But you do need a plan

It’s not your CPA’s fault!  In most cases you won’t need to replace your CPA firm, they’re simply in need of a better blueprint in which to follow. 

Once we spend some time reviewing and understanding how all of the pieces fit together in your current structure, we’ll have our team analyze and align the available strategies that fit within your scope of needs to assist you in aligning with a better structure. 

By doing this, you’ll be setting a solid foundation in which to begin further improvements on your financial future and ultimately the security and success of your family’s wealth and retirement. 


Get Your Tax analysis

The first step in the process is to see how much you overpaid and what your options are.


Tax Reduction Plan

Next we’ll put together a comprehensive tax reduction plan that addresses the issues.


Enjoy the savings

Enjoy and utilize the savings to accomplish the goals in life that really matter for you and your family.

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Going up, down or staying the same

Taxes are far more likely to go up

No matter your political party, we are in a serious deficit problem in the United States.  The simple truth is it is an accounting problem with only one clear way out which is to increase revenue in our country.  The primary way in which that occurs is through various tax increases and more specifically in our income taxes.  

This is the very reason we take all of our first time clients through the tax review process to ensure your foundation is set before ever looking at anything else.  

We help you create structures by which you pay as little in tax as legally, morally and ethically possible and keep as much control of your wealth working for you to accomplish the goals and objectives that are unique and important to you and your family.

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