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Why Our Clients Love Us

Simply put, we get results for them that no one else can or has provided.  Find out if we might be a good fit for you.

1. We Get Our Clients Great Results

Here are just a couple examples of the results we’ve been able to get for our clients and the number one reason they love us.  

Family Winery

Local family winery here in Napa Valley

Just went through a sale of the brand. 

We intercepted their final tax return which included the profit of the sale. 

After our team of CPA’s performed a forensic review of the return, we identified a large amount of misclassified representations and common errors which resulted in a massive amount of ultimate tax savings, over $200,000 in the first year alone were put back in the pocket of the family. 

Law Firm

Local contractor here in the valley

Law Firm here in the valley went through our planning process prior to filing their returns after years of frustration for feeling like they were paying far too much in income taxes.

Sure enough, after taking them through our process we uncovered several inefficiencies which ultimately led to over $300,000 of tax savings back in the partner’s pockets.

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2. We have unrivaled experience

With over 100 years of combined experience we get results

Simply put, all planning professionals operate under the same laws and the same tax code.

It’s the understanding of how to piece it all together to accomplish specific results that is the actual intellectual property of whichever firm you ultimately decide to work with.

We specialize in helping our clients leverage the tax code in sequence with entity planning and combining the correct structures over the given timing of the goals and objectives that are unique to the businesses and families we serve. We are not boilerplate order takers, and instead, work and through the various layers of professionals to deliver the most optimal outcome possible with the circumstances and resources you have worked hard to create.

It’s not just about doing taxes and investing. Every aspect of your financial life is correlated and if you work with myopic advisors it’s likely that you’ll inevitably achieve a lower percentage of your target result than you had hoped for.


We build from the foundation up and have the confidence and track record to prove it.


We protect our proprietary knowledge & reputation, and will only accept clients that are willing to put the effort into engaging 100% in the planning process. We also acknowledge that we’re not going to be a fit for everybody, which is why we make certain to vet our clients to ensure no unnecessary time is lost on both sides of the table.

3. We have worked with businesses just like yours

We know the type of business that will gain value from a partnership with our team & we wont step out of our lane into an area where we have no expertise.  This is a very important and functional part of our intake process.  Here are some of our client’s we have served in the past:

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How We live

& Operate

We have strict moral and ethical principles we adhere to as a company and a team.  As such, we ensure our intake process eradicates potential clients that do not share in our same principled approach to business and family. 

Our Mission

Our mission at RG Advisors is simple.  To provide an unmatched financial value offering to a specific underserved demographic within the Small Business sector including agriculture, wine, physician & law practice & to provide a Big 4 equivalent experience & obtain the same type of results at a fraction of the cost.

Our Values

Hard work, integrity & loyalty are the 3 pillars in which we stand.  We leverage our unique abilities to add value to our business communities.  Keeping our heads down and focused on our craft, the results produced year after year speak for themselves.  Our continuous vetting process to keep the best council across all facets of the financial professional spectrum ensures our clients receive first-class treatment and outcomes.

Meet our team

Our core team here in Napa is small but mighty.  With combined experience of over 100 years, we believe in the concept of ‘who, not how’.  This simply motto sums up our approach to knowing that incorporating the right people for the right job will have a greater chance at producing the target result than hoping to accomplish the same with the ‘master of all’ single operator. 

Robert Green

Founder & President
Financial Advisor

Robert Green, founder of Robert Green & Company, is a 40 year veteran of the financial industry. His character was forged in the agricultural industry where hard work, integrity and loyalty are a way of life. At Robert Green & Company we help our clients navigate the troubling waters of the current economic world. As guides we bring clarity to the often complex areas of estate planning, wealth & asset management and financial planning. We strive to design and implement strategies for clients’ financial affairs which create confidence and lasting relationships. Our goal at Robert Green & Company is to become your most trusted advisor through our professional knowledge, integrity, and personal service.

When Robert isn’t working he’s fly fishing or enjoying time with his daughter & newlywed son-in-law.

Advisory services offered through CLG LLC, an SEC-registered Investment Adviser. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.

Jim Riley

Financial & Tax Advisor

When you first meet Jim Riley you just might discover that an early career choice of his was to be a comedian.  Deciding however on a safer path and having a gift for math and finance he joined a CPA firm in the 1980s and has been working with individuals, families, and businesses since the 1980s.

By birth a Midwesterner and son of a diplomat father and broadcaster mother Jim’s family settled in Northern California when he was a teenager and he began working in the Napa area in 2003.

He holds the prestigious Certified Financial Planner™ credential and is a graduate of Princeton University.  Though well-schooled in personal finance he considers his tax background to be an invaluable asset.  He has been licensed to practice taxation since 1991 and has prepared thousands of tax returns. 

When he’s not engaged in financial planning he reads, hikes and travels when he can.

When Robert isn’t working he’s fly fishing or enjoying time with his daughter & newlywed son-in-law.

  • Certified Financial Planner ™ CTEC®

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